LE MONDE - A Campaign the Like of Which Has Never Been Seen Before - 14.05.2008

Le Monde, one of France's best-known dailies with a circulation of 400,000, once again carried a report concerning Atlas of Creation. The report described the Atlas as a "campaign the like of which has never been seen before," and went on to say:

... Adnan Oktar recently achieved renown, in 2007, in many countries in Western Europe, Canada and the USA through Atlas of Creation. Thousands of copies of this book, which is most luxurious and lavishly illustrated, bearing the name of Harun Yahya (Adnan Oktar's pen-name), were sent out to schools and universities in France.

It contained dozens of photographs of various animal and plant species, and sought to demonstrate the invalidity of Darwin's theory of evolution. The dispatch elicited strong reactions from teachers and scientists... The second and third volumes of this "encyclopedia" are shortly to arrive in France... Adnan Oktar states that he sold 1.5 million works world-wide in 2007.... Dressed in a white silk suit, Adnan Oktar does not hide his delight at the popularity in Europe of creationist and religious expressions; he rejects materialism and atheism. In his view, the publication of the Atlas and the spread of his ideas lie behind Tony Blair's conversion to Catholicism and the recent statements on religion by Nicolas Sarkozy.

LE POINT - It Is Too Late to Save Darwinism Now! - 25.10.2007

The 25 October, 2007, edition of Le Point, a well-known French weekly news magazine, carried an article titled "Save Darwin!" The article in question described how science and life sciences teachers were setting up an educational campaign aimed at those teachers who "feel themselves inadequately prepared" in the face of pro-creationist activities.  The target of this campaign, and the subject stressed in the report is "Atlas of Creation that recently irrupted into a large number of schools."

This report, one of hundreds that have appeared in France regarding Harun Yahya's Atlas of Creation, reveals the shock effect it has had on the French public. It also reveals how helpless even those who teach the theory of evolution are in the face of the evidence in the Atlas. It is no longer possible to save Darwin, and by extension the theory of evolution bequeathed by him. The true facts have been revealed, and the false masks worn by those who lied in the name of science have been torn away. And Charles Darwin has gone down in history as the founder of the greatest scientific fraud in the history of the world.

POLITIS /The Theory of Evolution Has Begun to Be Questioned in French Universities - 18.10.2007

Politis, a French weekly news journal, took anti-evolutionary creationist activities as its cover story under the banner headline "Creationist Attack on Darwinism." The four-page story by Ingrid Merckx largely concentrated on the impact of Atlas of Creation in France. After describing how the book had spread through the country and stating that university students had now begun doubting the theory of evolution, the article went on to say:

"Universities have been slow to realize this. They never expected that students would one day assail them with these questions."

Panic has begun spreading among Darwinist circles along with the rise of creationist belief in France. Darwinist, materialist circles who oppose even the questioning of the theory of evolution complain that "anti-Darwinists say, 'room must be given to skepticism, and we must be open to debate and be democratic,'" thus confirming once again that they have adopted evolution as a dogma and are blindly devoted to the theory.

The report in question also stated that belief in the theory of evolution had weakened in France and that conferences had been held to draw attention to this. Part of the reference to Atlas of Creation reads:

"In February last year Atlas of Creation was sent out to hundreds of French institutions. This 700-page illustrated work denounced the theory of evolution while espousing Creationism. It was written by Harun Yahya. Yahya, a Turkish Muslim who disseminates his ideas by means of bookglobal.net, seeks to prove that animal species have never changed since they were first created, and says that Darwin's theses represent the true cause of terrorism."

LE MONDE/ Belief in Creation is on the Rise and Growing Stronger  - 26.06.2007

The 26 June, 2007, edition of Le Monde, one of France's most prominent dailies, again discussed Atlas of Creation. The report in the paper, which enjoys a readership of 400,000, referred to creationist views being discussed at the Council of Europe, to evolutionist views being considered equivalent to Stalinism, Nazism and terrorism, and to creationist ideas being "on the rise and growing stronger." The report said:

The creationist movement that appeared in the second half of the 19th century sets aside the theory that species evolve by way of natural selection and maintains that the world was created by God... The latest attack in France came in February; According to the report, an Atlas of Creation was sent out to schools from Turkey, one of the main centers of Islamic creationism... The Atlas is intended to show that evolution is a deception while creation is the truth...

LA CROIX/ Qur'an-BasedCreationism - 29.03.2007

The creationist movement that appeared in the second half of the 19th century sets aside the theory that species evolve by way of natural selection and maintains that the world was created by God... The latest attack in France came in February; According to the report, an Atlas of Creation was sent out to schools from Turkey, one of the main centers of Islamic creationism... The Atlas is intended to show that evolution is a deception while creation is the truth...

Atlas of Creation at a Council of Europe Press Conference - 04.10.2007

Following a session discussing the teaching of creationism in schools, the Council of Europe, headquartered in the French city of Strasbourg, went on to hold a press conference on 4 October, 2007. The main subject of the conference was Atlas of Creation, which lay on the table throughout.

At the press conference Anne Brasseur, a politician from Luxembourg who recently submitted a report to the Council, picked the Atlas up to show it to the assembled journalists and went on to say:

"Harun Yahya is a Muslim, Turkish creationist. This is the first volume. There are two more. It has been sent out to Europe. In two languages, English and French. It says that the theory of evolution is a lie, that Darwinism is the root cause of terror, and that it is responsible for the dictators of the 20th century and the like."

Asked by a journalist about the messages that had been received in response to the report, the parliamentarians answered:

"Generally speaking we received negative e-mails. Very few letters supported the report. The letters were all opposed to the report. The commission and I were generally described as people with no respect for freedom of expression and freedom of religion..."

In response to a question from a journalist from the Turkish daily Milliyet beginning "You have referred to Harun Yahya and Atlas of Creation many times..." the French politician Jacques Legendre stated:

"I also received a copy. It has been sent to high schools, colleges and libraries where I live, up in the north. There was a note saying it can be placed in libraries for students to examine. It is a very expensive book. The quality of the printing is obvious..."

The journalists backed the parliamentarians, who portrayed Atlas of Creation as a danger and sought to prevent the teaching of creationism in schools, into a corner with their questions. They asked critical questions stating that banning books was literally censorship, violating freedom of expression and ignored the principle of equality of education. They even enquired whether the parliamentarians were considering collecting the copies of Atlas of Creation and burning them.

Through its attitude to Atlas of Creation, the Council of Europe made it clear that it was quite able to ignore such concepts as democracy and freedom of thought and belief when these clashed with its own views. It was made perfectly clear that, contrary to what Europe claims, it is not democratic, fails to attach the necessary importance to freedom of ideas and belief, and that it actually itself violates human rights. The idea that only those ideas that the powers regard as suitable should be taught is a fascist one. A mindset that cannot bear the theory of evolution to even be questioned or criticized is a manifestation of a dogmatic way of thinking.

On the other hand, such great fear of an idea, Atlas of Creation being seen as a danger solely because it proves the oneness and existence of Allah, confirms the truth of the message contained within the book. As our Lord tells us in one verse:

Rather We hurl the truth against falsehood and it cuts right through it and it vanishes clean away! Woe without end for you for what you portray! (Surat al-Anbiya', 18)

L'Agence France-Press - Atlas of Creation Is Still on the French Agenda - 29.10.2007

AFP-L'Agence France-Press, France's largest news agency and the third largest in the world, reported yet again on Atlas of Creation on 29 October, 2007. The report in question said:

"... The latest example of this was the wide international distribution of Atlas of Creation by Harun Yahya, a luxurious book printed in Turkey. In this book, Harun Yahya seeks to prove that life forms have never changed since the moment they were created."

France, the cradle of materialism, has never before reacted to any creationist work, and the reason it keeps referring to Atlas of Creation is that the book has dealt it a grave blow in the struggle of ideas. The way the activities of Harun Yahya have been described in the French press as the "most effective" creationist movement, and the panic to be seen in materialist-Darwinist circles, are an important indication of the defeat suffered by those ideologies.

The AFP report appeared on a large number of web sites, as well as in the following media publications and channels:

Le Nouvel Observateur: A famous French news magazine with a circulation of 550,000

France 24:
A Paris-based television station broadcasting in French and English

TV5 Monde: A French station, the world's fourth largest TV network

L'Internaute Magazine: A French internet magazine

Metro International: The French edition of an 880,000-circulation newspaper, read in 21 countries

La Croix: A French daily with a circulation of 100,000

Radio France: France's leading public radio station

Orange France: A French telecommunications company with 24.5 million users

Television Suisse Romande:The main French-language Swiss TV institution

Belgium's most popular radio-television institution

Le Figaro - French Students Stand against the Theory of Evolution - 18.10.2007

Le Figaro, one of France's leading daily newspapers, offered another evaluation of Atlas of Creation on 18 October, 2007. The report in the paper, which has a circulation of 400,000, began with the caption heading "The Darwinism Debate in France Is Spreading Ever Wider." It then went on to refer to "an increasing rise in the numbers of students protesting against their classes" in France and to "teachers who are baffled as to what replies to give to the persistent questions of some students." It also said that "the debate on the origin of man which have continued in USA for years has now begun to shake French schools.

The report said that Atlas of Creation was on sale in bookstores in Paris and stated, under the sub-caption "The Effect of Internet Sites:" 

"The impact of creationist web sites and the fact that these theories are continually spreading is a significant reality. Last February, schools received in the post a lavish book titled Atlas of Creation that refutes Darwinism throughout its 770 pages. The work, written by a Turk called Harun Yahya, was sent from Turkey and Germany and aimed to tell everyone of 'evolutionists' deceptions and misleading claims'."

Le Figaro then described how French students are reacting against the theory of evolution:

"Another instructor, a history teacher, ran across a piece of homework among those he was marking that had been written by researching through the internet, nearly half of which consisted of the theory of creation stubbornly espoused by students. Such matters influence young Muslims, some students to various Adventist Protestant churches, young Jehovah's Witnesses in particular, as well as Catholics and young Jews. Some teachers working in the traditional Jewish quarters of Paris say that they now feel 'an increasingly more obvious resistance to the theory of evolution.' ... The most hardline of these students [who distrust the theory of evolution] tend to be silent and observe critically in class..."

Enormous Interest in the Creation Exhibition in France

In the wake of Harun Yahya's Atlas of Creation that has given rise to an earthquake effect in France, a Creation Exhibition once again demolishing the lie of evolution was held in the center of Paris.

The exhibition, visited by some 2,500 people at the Palais des Congres Marcel Dufriche in Paris on Sunday 15 April, displayed fossils dating back hundreds of millions of years. The fossils, proofs of creation, once again demonstrated that living things have undergone not the slightest change for millions of years and that they were created, with exactly the same features as they have now.

The exhibits attracting the greatest attention were a 73-million-year old lion skull, a 42-million-year-old wolf skull, and a 125-million-year-old cricket.

Officials stated that there were enormous demand for the Creation Exhibition, which attracted considerable interest from university students, to be staged again, particularly in universities and cultural centers.

Radio Netherlands Web Site Netherlands - The Atlas of Creation has had a huge impact in all of Europe - 27.02.2007

The website of Radio Netherlands, which broadcasts in Holland, carried a report concerning the giant Atlas of Creation, by the author Adnan Oktar under the pen-name Harun Yahya, which has provoked an enormous world-wide reaction in a very short space of time. The report by Nicolien Den Boer contained the following expressions:

[In the wake of France] Here in the Netherlands, some schools have also reported receiving free copies of the book, The Atlas of Creation.

Evolution biologist Gerdien de Jong of the University of Utrecht received a copy of the Dutch translation of The Atlas of Creation, Part 1. The book ... weighs around three kilograms ... Several of her colleagues also received a copy... .

The book was written by Turkish author Harun Yahya... The atlas, which consists primarily of coloured plates ... attempts to discredit Darwin's theory of evolution. According to the author, this theory, which is taught at nearly all Western universities, is responsible for all the evil in the world, including international terrorism.

The Atlas of Creation claims to prove evolution never occurred. "People did not evolve from other species", the book says, "they were truly created".

Science journalist Arno van 't Hoog of Bionieuws, a news magazine for biologists, has also examined the book. He explains what author Harun Yahya's theory is based on:

"This school of thought does not deny that the earth is millions of years old, but argues that animals and plants were once created and remained unchanged for millions of years thereafter".

A Voix Autre, Belgium - The impact of Harun Yahya's Atlas of Creation in France - 02.04.2007

The daily A Voix Autre, published in Belgium, referred to the impact of Harun Yahya's Atlas of Creation in France in terms of "The panic behind the scenes!" and "Creationist literature has never been so powerful." Other terms employed in the report read:

The panic behind the scenes in French education:

Following the dispatch of the Atlas of Creation to French schools, this work, totaling more than 800 pages, has now arrived at educational institutions in Brussels and Valon ... The appearance of the work (high-quality, four-color printing) reveals itself with a desire to be the leading soldier of the most powerful troop in the midst of the struggle against Darwinism.

... The Turkish author Harun Yahya states that he has written this work in the name of the Qur'an. His name is by no means new in this field; he has been opposing the teaching of the theory of evolution, particularly in educational institutions, for 20 years. His Atlas of Creation was printed in Istanbul and appears to have reached a large number of readers.

USA/Reuters News Agency - Belief in creation in France is spreading - 26.03.2007

A report dated March 26, 2007, by the Reuters News Agency, Religion EditorTom Heneghan, appeared in a number of newspapers and magazines, such as The Washington Post, Science and USNews. The report discussed the impact in France of Harun Yahya's 700-page Atlas of Creation.

USA/Science - The "Atlas of Creation" in Science Magazine - 16.02.2007

The 16 February, 2007, edition of the magazine Science, well-known for its pro-evolution stance, carried a report headed "Faith and Science" that discussed the impact of Adnan Oktar's Atlas of Creation, written under the pen-name Harun Yahya. The report contained the following statements:

It's the most gorgeous-looking attack on evolution seen in a long time: That's the consensus among European scientists who in recent weeks have received ... free copies of the Atlas of Creation. The 768-page, lavishly produced tome was written by Harun Yahya, a Turkish author who denounces Darwinism as the source of many evils, including 9/11. Its publisher has sent hundreds if not thousands of copies of the book to researchers in at least four countries in Western Europe... . the book has troubled and outraged others--especially in France, where a French translation landed in the mailboxes of hundreds of high school directors and librarians... .

Harun Yahya is the pen name of Adnan Oktar, the head of the Foundation for Scientific Research (BAV) in Ankara, which has promoted Islamic creationism since 1997 (Science, 18 May 2001, p. 1286)... .

Yahya accepts that the world is billions of years old but rejects the concept of evolutionary change. More than 500 pages in the Atlas of Creation (the first in a series of seven volumes) are filled with pictures of fossils, accompanied by modern-day organisms that look strikingly similar--proof, Yahya says, that evolution theory is false... .

Within Turkey, BAV has been "quite successful" in promoting creationism, says biologist Aykut Kence of the Middle East Technical University in Ankara. One recent survey found that more than 50% of biology teachers in secondary education "are not sure about the validity of evolution," says Kence. Yahya's books have also been translated into Arabic, Urdu, and other languages of the Islamic world... . In an e-mailed response to questions, a spokesperson for Yahya ... added that France "can gather up and burn all the books, just like in the days of the Nazis, ... yet the collapse of Darwinism cannot be prevented by prohibitions and bans."

Le Figaro - The Impact of Atlas of Creation in France - 2 February 2007

In its 2 February, 2007, edition, Le Figaro, one of France's premier magazines, discussed the Atlas of Creation, written by Adnan Oktar under the pen-name Harun Yahya and published in Turkish, English and French. The report contained the following statements:

Many universities, high schools and colleges in France have received copies of a book titled The Atlas of Creation, consisting of around 770 pages and filled with illustrations regarding Darwinism and evolution. The book, written by the Turkish author Harun Yahya (real name Adnan Oktar) underlines the following:

"Evolutionist frauds and misleading statements" and particularly "the hidden links between Darwinism and such bloody ideologies as fascism and communism"

The author also relies on the large number of fossils unearthed all over the world over the last two hundred years in order to say that "species never changed."

... The author places pictures of magnificent fish, hyenas, ants and starfish alongside pictures of animals and plants that are millions of years older in order to demonstrate that fossils closely resemble living specimens. He thus wishes to show that "living things did not evolve, but were created."

France/Le Monde - The Impact of Atlas of Creation in France - 03.02.2007

In February 2007, Le Monde, France's most important daily, carried various reports dealing with The Atlas of Creation. One such report, by Herve Morin and published on 3 February, 2007, considered the impact of The Atlas in France. In summary the article contained the following statements:

Thousands of copies of an incomparable work have been distributed in recent weeks. The name of this work is The Atlas of Creation, Volume I, and it has been distributed to schools, university centers and educational archive centers. It comes in a large format and consists of 800 lavishly illustrated pages and was authored by Harun Yahya. The conclusion of the book, written and published in Turkey, is crystal clear: "Creation is a fact" and "evolution is a fraud."

(...) Unlike Christian creationists, Harun Yahya accepts that the Earth is 4.6 billion years old. But he concentrates on the similarity between fossils and present-day species in order to state that evolution never happened and that creation is a fact. The author constructs his fundamental logic on the Qur'an and concludes: "Wherever we turn, there is the Face of God."

(...) The Science Research Foundation (SRF), of which the author is the honorary president, was described in 2001 by Science magazine as "one of the world's strongest antievolution movements outside of North America."

France/Le Monde - The Impact of Atlas of Creation in France - 08.02.2007

Another report in daily Le Monde, by the paper's Istanbul correspondent Guillaume Perrier, appeared on 8 February, 2007. The report contained an interview with officials from Global Publishing, which publishes the works of Harun Yahya:


The spotlessly clean offices of Global Publishing in a popular district of Istanbul provide clear information about their activities. There is a large, red, illustrated book at one end of the conference table. This is the impressive "The Atlas of Creation" by Harun Yahya, sent to the French media, schools and universities at the end of January.

Founded in 2001, Global Publishing employs 92 people and publishes only works by Harun Yahya (consisting of books, films and Internet sites), who has produced a large number of works... . The 50-year-old Harun Yahya (real name Adnan Oktar) is an author who has been publishing books about creation and faith for the last 20 years... . In 2006, fossils proving that Darwin was in error were exhibited 350 times in Istanbul alone. Books written specially for children were distributed free of charge. Creationism is gradually taking root in Turkey.

Aykut Kence of the Middle EastTechnicalUniversity says: "Their theses have been appearing in schoolbooks since 1985. Nowadays it is impossible even to find the idea of evolution in primary schools. Many of the instructors produced in the last ten years have reverted to creationism. According to a survey by the Academy of Sciences, 75% of high school students in the country do not believe in evolution."

Atlas Refuting Darwinism Has Been Sent to Schools - 03.02.2007
France/La Croix

Another major French daily, La Croix, carried a report dealing with the debate The Atlas of Creation has given rise to in France. The report cited one of the fossils in the Atlas as an example. Comparing a 280-million-year-old fossil frog with a living specimen, it quoted the relevant extract as saying, "Living things have never changed, or evolved, since they were first created."

France/L'EXPRESS - A Turkish Creationist Atlas in Schools - 02.02.2007

L'Express, one of the most important magazines published in France, covered The Atlas of Creation in its 2 February, 2007, issue. The report described the Atlas, sent to a number of public bodies and scientists, as a most attractive and vivid book, that could even influence children.

20minutes/France - Creationism Has Reached French Schools - 02.02.2007

In its 2 February, 2007, issue the French magazine 20minutes concentrated on the effect the Atlas of Creation had on the public. The report also carried links to several of Harun Yahya's websites, articles, books and reports concerning the author

France/L'Humanite 20minutes - The Impact of Atlas of Creation in France - 08.02.2007

L'Humanite, a newspaper published in France, carried a report concerning the major impact Harun Yahya's Atlas of Creation was having in France. A summary of the main statements in the report reads:

An abundantly illustrated 772-page book published in Turkey and based on the Qur'an, denying the theory of evolution proposed by Darwin, has been sent to public institutions, and to college, high school and university libraries at the end of January, as well as to the offices of various newspapers such as L'Humanite.

The aim of this work is to reveal evolutionist frauds, their misleading statements and "the invisible link between Darwinism and such bloody ideologies as fascism and communism." And that is indeed the case. A large part of the book consists of illustrations of fossils compared to specimens alive today in an attempt to prove that living organisms have undergone no changes throughout the course of history. This is linked to the conclusion that "God created the universe and all living things"... The author, Adnan Oktar, who writes under the pen-name Harun Yahya, is well-known for his advocacy of creationism... . The Islamic community has supported this struggle ever since the 1980s ... The preparation of the book is astonishing. This is a book the first volume of which has now been published, due to be followed by six more, published on luxury, colored paper and selling at the ridiculously cheap price of 75 euros.

France/Le Nouvel Observateur - Creationism based on the Qur'an has arrived France - 02.02.2007

... Accompanied by vice-chancellors alongside him, the Minister of Education noted that the Atlas of Creation was the work of a Turkish author by the name of Harun Yahya who advocated Islamic views and propagated these on a web site called "the evolution deceit." This 770-page book intends to prove that man has undergone no changes since his first creation and that no animal species had altered in the slightest way. He supports this presentation with extracts taken from the Qur'an.

Many Protestant churches, particularly in the USA, are determined to reject Darwinism and the theory of evolution ... As for the Islamic front, ... there is no doubt that Harun Yahya is its most active representative, by means of the Nurcu movement and his international Harun Yahya publications.

Le Nouvel Observateur, one of France's major current affairs magazines, provides detailed information on its own website about the life of the author Harun Yahya, his work, and his statements clearly revealing the falsehoods of the theory of evolution.

Harun Yahya and Darwinism - 03.02.2007
France/Le Nouvel Observateur Magazine Website

Various comments regarding the works of Harun Yahya appeared in the Le Nouvel Observateur website. Summarized, one of these contained the following statements:

Harun Yahya and Darwinizm

Harun Yahya is a good of reference for non-Muslims without a knowledge of Islam and also for French-speaking Muslims who wish to deepen their knowledge of Islam, because the lively texts of his writings and books are available free of charge on his website www.harunyahya.com. The books have been translated into forty languages.

It would be wise to read the three small illustrated books providing an easy understanding of the Qur'an: "Knowing Islam," "Basic Concepts" and "The Perished Nations."

Reading Harun Yahya also allows one to learn how he has demolished Darwinism. As Le Nouvel Observateur said in its report, he bases himself on science.

Reading Harun Yahya and understanding the Qur'an may prevent much confusion from arising.

... What we call Dieu, Allah, God, or Jehovah is people's one God. The holy scriptures are above all a call to faith in God, a code of moral and behavior, and a reward or punishment by Paradise or Hell. Life would have no direction without these key concepts. Neither would the origin of life. If one remains devoted to Darwin, then life on Earth must have appeared randomly. Read Harun Yahya and form your own idea. I am sure you will be impressed. And this will allow you to break one very great taboo: to question the theory of evolution! Not to reject it, merely to question it. That is all!

Creationist Muslim Book Has Been Distributed to High Schools - 02.02.2007 France/The French TV channel TF1 website

The TF1 TV station's website, which broadcasts in France, carried a report titled "A Creationist Muslim Book Has Been Distributed to High Schools" on 2 February, 2007, which carried the report contained in Le Figaro magazine.

A Book by a Creationist Turkish Author Has Been Distributed to Hundreds of High Schools - 06.02.2007 France/La Liberation

La Liberation, one of the major French dailies, carried a report titled "A Book by a Creationist Turkish Author Has Been Distributed to Hundreds of High Schools." The report contained the following statements:

A book called the Atlas of Creation, enriched by a large number of illustrations, written by the Turkish author Harun Yahya and condemning the theory of evolution and full of praise for creationism, has been sent to hundreds of educational institutions, mainly high schools but also including universities... .

Supported by pictures of fossils and animals, the Atlas of Creation seeks to prove that man has remained unchanged, contrary to what the supporters of Darwin maintained in the 19th century. The author and editor includes his works, which have been translated into many foreign languages, on his website, as well as extracts from the Qur'an intended to confirm his views. Harun Yahya is known as the greatest champion of creationism in Turkey...

Another website published in France carried a report titled "The Atlas of Creation, or how to theorize the negation of Darwinism." The report gave a detailed description of the impact of the Atlas of Creation, as well as providing links to Harun Yahya's websites and other works.

Over the last few days, colleges, high schools and universities have received a book called "The Atlas of Creation," written by Harun Yahya and which refutes Darwinism and the theory of evolution ... The arrival of this 770-page "Atlas of Creation" at secondary and senior educational establishments gave rise to a number of questions: Who is Harun Yahya?

... He concentrated on philosophy and materialist ideologies throughout his academic years. He then wrote a large number of works in which he described the theory of evolution as a deceit. His aim is to "hinder the influence of Darwinism and materialism on the world." His book "The Evolution Deceit" contains the words "The theory of evolution is nothing but a deception imposed on us by the dominators of the world system."

... His works have been translated into a large number of languages, including French, English, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Arabic, Polish, Indonesian, Malay, Malayalam, Urdu, Albanian and Serbo-Croat. Through these powerful publications Harun Yahya tells the whole planet that "those who perpetrate acts of terror in the world are in fact Darwinists." The caption accompanying a photo representing the September 11 attacks reads: "It is Darwinists who cause terror to continue in the world. Darwinism is the only philosophy that develops and encourages conflict."

... Some of his works deal with French Freemasonry and Zionism and their "negative effects on world history and politics." Other works have been written on the moral values of the Qur'an. Harun Yahya's aim is to show "non-Muslims the proofs of the existence of Allah and the perfection in His creation" by "introducing Islam to those unfamiliar with it and warming people's hearts to the truth."

... Harun Yahya already announced that the Atlas of Creation is the first volume of a seven-volume work. It appears that a single volume is inadequate for denouncing, in his view, that "evolution is one of the greatest frauds and deceptions in the history of science."

Does Darwinism Cause Terrorism? - 03.02.2007
USA/Washington Post

... Over the last fortnight, thousands of schools across France have been mysteriously receiving copies of a "lavishly illustrated" Turkish book attacking Darwinism. Titled The Atlas of Creation, the 768-page, large-print tomes attempt not only to debunk Charles Darwin's theory of evolution, but also to paint it as "the true source of terrorism." ...

... "Atlas" seemingly blames "survival of the fittest" for just about everything from racism and Nazism, to communism and terrorism, because of its ties to atheism and materialism... .

Harun Yahya on the Sombreval Publishing Website - 03.02.2007
France/Sombreval Publishing Website

The major impact of the Atlas of Creation, a significant work by Harun Yahya, also appeared on the Sombreval Publishing website, and various passages were quoted from the report in Le Figaro.

The Impact of Atlas of Creation in France - 02.02.2007 France/Jeunes pour la France

The website of the political movement Jeunes pour la France also carried a report describing the impact in France of the Atlas of Creation. The works of the world-renowned author Harun Yahya were described in these terms on the site:

The author cites many passages from the Qur'an and concludes that "Creation is the sole truth," proves the "existence of the soul" and notes that "materialism has come to an end."


The Impact of Atlas of Creation in France - 03.02.2007
France/Middle East Online

The well-known website Middle East Online carried a report concerning the Atlas of Creation, containing the following statements:

... Entitled "The Atlas of Creation", the 770-page book by Turkish author Harun Yahya quotes several passages from the Koran and asserts that "human beings did not evolve (from another species) but were indeed created."

... The book features a photograph of the September 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center with the caption: "Those who perpetuate terror in the world are in fact Darwinists. Darwinism is the only philosophy that values and incites conflict."

The theories of Charles Darwin are "the true source of terrorism," it said... .

The Impact of Atlas of Creation in France - 02.02.2007

www.vousnousils.fr, a website founded by a group of independent young journalists for the purposes of culture, education and research, stated that Harun Yahya's Atlas of Creation had a major impact on the French, and particularly noted how Darwinism was described in the book as the true origin of terror.


Darwinist Panic - 02.02.2007
France/Yves Daoudal's blog

Large numbers of a richly illustrated, 770-page book called the Atlas of Creation, which rejects Darwinism, have been sent to our educational institutions. The book was written by Harun Yahya (the pen-name of Adnan Oktar), a Turk, who has produced many works... .

Harun Yahya's Atlas of Creation - 03.02.2007

A report on the website of a French political party on 3 February, 2007, contained the following information about Harun Yahya's Atlas of Creation:

The Atlas of Creation is the work of Harun Yahya, a Turkish Muslim who expresses himself on a highly developed website called "The Evolution Deceit." Throughout its luxuriously illustrated 770 pages, the book seeks to prove that man and animal species have remained unchanged since the moment they were created. The Qur'an is indicated as confirmatory evidence.

Creationism in the Islamic world was born in the '80s, together with the rise in religious devotion ... Certainly, the most active communicator of Creationism is "the international publications of Harun Yahya," and thus Harun Yahya himself.

Harun Yahya's Atlas of Creation - 04.02.2007

Harun Yahya's Atlas of Creation was also reported on a major website published in various languages such as English, Malay and Chinese, and the work was described in these terms:

EVOLUTION?... A book denying Darwinism and the concept of evolution in the name of Islam, L'Atlas de la Creation (The Atlas of Creation), is widely distributed to schools in France. The book is the work of Adnan Oktar, ... who over the past decade has published a flood of books ...

Comments regarding the impact of the Atlas of Creation also appeared on the website of the well-known American journalist Doug Ireland, following which general information about the works of Harun Yahya was provided. The author's books, the languages into which they have been translated, his websites, his analyses of political events and impact on the world were all described. Links were also given to the author's websites, articles and books. Various detailed extracts were quoted from the book Global Freemasonry in particular. Ireland noted that millions of young Muslims living in France would be influenced by Harun Yahya's works, and began his analysis in these words:

I was curious about the author, and a Google search rapidly revealed that Yahya -- who says he is 50 and the author of dozens of books, and that his pseudonym was "formed from the names 'Harun' and 'Yahya' in the esteemed memory of the two Prophets who struggled against infidelity" -- maintains an expensively-designed, multi-media English-language website... .

The Impact of Atlas of Creation in France - 07.02.2007

A report concerning the works of Harun Yahya was carried on a personal website called Yazerty, published in France:

Atlas of Creation - Harun Yahya (creationism)

... Supported by pictures of fossils and animals, the Atlas of Creation seeks to prove that, contrary to what Darwin's supporters maintained in the 19th century, man has remained completely unchanged. The website of the author, Harun Yahya, contains his works translated into a number of languages, and extracts from the Qur'an are used for the purpose of supporting his views.

The Impact of Atlas of Creation - 04.02.2007
USA/Access Research Network

The following information about the Atlas of Creation appeared on the Access Research Network (ARN) website:

The Turkish original of the 768-page book, which rejects evolution, ... sees Charles Darwin's theory of the "survival of the fittest" as the root of many of today's ills, including modern terrorism.

... The Atlas of Creation is a novelty because it puts an Islamic twist on criticism of the theory of evolution, a cause championed by conservative Christians in the United States.

The Impact of Atlas of Creation in France - 09.02.2007

A report regarding global Creationist movements appeared on an Italian-French news portal website, www.bellaciao.org, on 9 February, 2007. The report discussed the Atlas of Creation and Harun Yahya's works on the subject:

Harun Yahya, author of the 770-page Atlas of Creation that rejects the theory of evolution says, "Creation and that species never underwent evolution is a fact." The author supports the view that the Earth is 4.6 billion years old (regarded as the most accurate estimate) and uses a large number of fossils and detailed visual presentations as references in his work in order to show that "species never underwent any change.

Harun Yahya (a Turk whose real name is Adnan Oktar) declares that Darwin's theory (the only philosophy that encourages and attaches any value to conflict), which he indicates as being the true source of terrorism, accompanied by a picture representing the September 11 attacks, is invalid and goes far beyond mere rejection of the theory of evolution.

Turkish Creationist Book - 11.02.2007
France/WoodMoor Village

One personal website dealing with Eastern philosophies considered Harun Yahya's Atlas of Creation under the heading "Turkish Creationist Book." The report provided information about the global impact of the Atlas of Creation and its content.

Happy Darwin Day! - 12.02.2007
France/A personal website

Another personal website also discussed the Atlas of Creation under the caption "Happy Darwin Day!". The report recalled that 12 February was both the date of Charles Darwin's birth in 1809 and also the anniversary of the publication of the Origin of Species in 1859, and noted that the debate over the Atlas of Creation coincided with those same days.

A blog on anti-Darwinism provided information about the Atlas of Creation's content. The report drew attention to the fact that creationist Muslims and Christians particularly emphasize social darwinism and "survival of the fittest" thought, as well as the connection "from Darwin to Hitler."

The Impact of Atlas of Creation in France - 03.02.2007
France/Theology Web

A report on the impact in France of the Atlas of Creation appeared on a religious forum site with contributors from various faiths. The report summarized the analysis that appeared in the French press.

The Impact of Atlas of Creation in France - 05.02.2007
France/A personal website

A personal website based on freedom of expression discussed Harun Yahya's ideas on the theory of evolution and Darwinism. It noted that the author's latest work, the Atlas of Creation, had a major impact in many countries.

The Impact of Atlas of Creation in France - 07.02.2007

A personal website named Cohenside considered Harun Yahya's ideas on the true source of terrorism, that appear in many of his works. In his Atlas of Creation, which has provoked considerable reaction in the world press, the author maintains that the true origin of terror is Darwinism, which regards the world as a sphere of conflict in which only the strong survive.

The Impact of Atlas of Creation in France - 05.02.2007
France/The website of the
NaonaCenter for Science Education

The website of the National Center for Science Education, a Darwinist organization which supports the teaching of the theory of evolution in schools, described the impact of the Atlas of Creation in France.

The Impact of Atlas of Creation in Europa - 04.02.2007
France/A personal website

A personal website defending the theory of evolution discussed the content of the Atlas of Creation and the impact it had in Europe.

Atlas of Creation banned in France - 06.02.2007
United Arab Emirates/A personal website

A personal website published in Dubai provided information about the content of the Atlas of Creation and the works of its author, Harun Yahya. It contained the following statements:

"Atlas of Creation" - a book by Turkish philosopher Harun Yahya ... The author presents some proofs that evolution never happened. Animals and plants we can see now are the same which were recorded in million years old fossils. We can explain the existence of life only assuming that it has a Creator. And this is the idea which troubles the French... .

The Impact of Atlas of Creation in Europa - 05.02.2007
United Kingdom/A personal website published from Great Britain sonal website published from Great Britain

A personal website published from Great Britain provided information about the Atlas of Creation and noted the major impact it was having in Europe as a whole.

The Impact of Atlas of Creation in France - 05.02.2007
France/A website prepared by Muslims living in France

A website prepared by Muslims living in France emphasized the astonishment of the French Minister of Education in the face of the Atlas of Creation. The report also contained information introducing the Atlas, links to its author Harun Yahya's website and other reports on the subject appearing in the press.

Darwin, the Number One Terrorist... - 02.02.2007
France/A personal website

Another personal website published in France contained an analysis of the Atlas of Creation. The report appeared under the caption "Darwin, the Number One Terrorist..." A summary of the report contained the following statements:
It is not often that one receives such an attractive book, printed on bright, glossy paper and enriched with a large number of illustrations and, what is more, through the post. The recipients of such gifts do not generally study the subject in that much depth. But this time things are different. The 700-page Atlas of Creation, written by Harun Yahya (real name Adnan Oktar) and intended for use by college, high school and university students, criticizes Darwinism and the theory of evolution in impeccable language. It establishes a connection between Darwin's ideas and totalitarianism and terrorism...


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